e-Waste Recycling in Lexington KY

When it comes to e-waste recycling in Lexington, KY, nobody does it better than Lexington Electronic Recycling.  Effective e-waste recycling and disposal is vital for our environment.  Rather than relegating e-waste to the landfill, unwanted electronic equipment can be refurbished, reused and recycled, conserving natural resources and reducing the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment.  It just makes good environmental sense to recycle electronic scrap instead of just dumping it into a landfill. We consider ourselves to be the best in the area at solving the recycling problem.


As a premier e-waste recycling company, Lexington Electronic Recycling serves businesses, schools, governments and other customers throughout the greater Lexington area and beyond.  With over 12 years of experience, Lexington Electronic Recycling understands how important it is to dispose of and properly recycle old, excess and non-working computers and electronics.  Our experience in the e-waste and recycling industry makes it easy for you or your organization to experience a stress-free way to recycle electronic scrap. Let us help you by doing the heavy lifting and providing you with our pickup service. Free pickup is provided in certain circumstances. Call us now to chat more about your project.
When it comes to e-waste recycling in Lexington, KY, nobody does it better than Lexington Electronic Recycling.

Electronic waste contains some toxic substances, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium and brominated flame retardants.  All electronics contain toxic materials that can be harmful to people and the planet.  Some electronics, like smart phones and laptop computers, contain heavy metals including cadmium, beryllium, hexavalent chromium or arsenic which have shown to build up in our bodies from the surrounding polluted environment.  The wires and cables that run through all this equipment are often coated with PVC, which contains toxic additives like phthalates.  Some pieces of equipment are most effectively destroyed in order to free them of potential data recovery, which we do in a very organized way. We offer hard drive destruction and will give you documentation of hard drive destruction, upon request. This ensures compliance and certifies your data securely destroyed.


If improperly disposed of, e-waste pollutes land, water and air, contaminating the environment and putting the health of people at risk.  The definition of e-waste is loosely applied to consumer, individual or business electronics equipment that is nearly or completely at the end of its useful life. Don’t ever throw your electronic waste in the garbage. Doing this can have many terrible ramifications and even civil penalties for improper disposal.


Consumer demand pushes for innovation, new manufacturing practices and novel materials.  Faster. Smaller and smarter devices means that electronic products become outdated and are replaced more frequently than ever before.  According to the National Safety Council, almost 250 million computers will be obsolete in five years, while over 130 million mobile phones are discarded annually. eWaste is estimated to increase and we are here to help with this growing problem. Help us help you keep this recyclable material out of the trash.


If you’re a company with a lot of electronics or you’re someone who likes to have the newest piece of technology no matter what, chances are you have a lot of unused electronics sitting around your facility.  If you’re looking for the best e-waste recycling in Lexington, KY, look no further than Lexington Electronic Recycling.  Consider us for “Recycling the Right Way”.


Lexington Electronic Recycling provides disposal of out-of-date, unwanted or unused e-waste including:

  • Servers and racks
  • Circuit boards
  • Desktop computers
  • Flat-screen monitors
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Laptops
  • LCD screens
  • Networking and switch gear
  • Motherboards
  • Networking hardware
  • UPS power back-up units
  • Printers
  • Telecommunications (Telecom) equipment
  • Wiring and cable
  • Medical equipment (no biohazardous materials)
  • Cable boxes
  • And much more!


Lexington Electronic Recycling is the place to call for complete, secure and fast electronic recycling in Lexington, KY. and across the country.


We regularly service:


Lexington Electronic Recycling will make sure you are well taken care of with our comprehensive e-waste recycling, disposal and pickup services.  When you get the news that your device is broken or ready for an upgrade, call us.  As an e-waste recycling company in Lexington, KY, we’ll help you keep the environment clean and green.