Electronic Waste in Lexington KY

When searching for disposal of electronic waste in Lexington, KY, look no further than Lexington Electronic Recycling.  Since 2008, our mission has been to provide a safe, secure, environmentally responsible solution to the proper disposal of old computer systems, components and electronic waste.  We offer a convenient and complete way to get rid of obsolete electronics. We don’t “cherry pick” devices that we can handle; we are a complete solution for outdated electronics. This is beneficial in a world with a vast array of product types.


Lexington Electronic Recycling ensures that your electronic waste is recycled appropriately in accordance with all local, state and federal laws.  We do not export any of our recycled equipment outside the United States, ensuring that your used electronics equipment will never end up being improperly discarded.
When searching for disposal of electronic waste in Lexington, KY, look no further than Lexington Electronic Recycling.

People today are buying more and more electronic products than ever before.  Newer, faster technology is being introduced every day, which results in constant upgrades of electronic equipment.  This means that the now-obsolete models of computers, flat-screen televisions, cell phones and more are discarded on a regular basis.  These now-undesirable electronic products have become electronic waste. We are here to fix that problem.


There’s no need to stockpile old electronics when Lexington Computer  Recycling will recycle them.  We offer electronic waste recycling that properly disposes of your old equipment while helping protect the environment.  When it comes to electronic waste disposal, Lexington Electronic Recycling is the company to contact serving the greater Lexington area and the world beyond.


Lexington Electronic Recycling has been in business for over 12 years.  Headquartered in Lexington, KY, we work with clients around the country in an integrated operation that a diverse business needs. Our company stands ready to help when you or your business outgrow older technology.  We also offer hard drive destruction through our service array that prevents theft of your personal or business information.  We will give you documentation of hard drive destruction, upon request. We do not outsource our services; we provide our services in-house from US, not another contractor or third party. This ensures complete transparency and safety.


All electronics contain toxic materials that can be harmful to people and the planet.  Some electronics, like smart phones and laptop computers, contain heavy metals including cadmium, beryllium, hexavalent chromium or arsenic which have been shown to build up in our bodies and the environment in time.  The wires and cables that run through all this stuff are often coated with PVC, which contains toxic additives like phthalates. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors present a leaded glass environmental hazard. Recyclers can process these tubes, but it must be handled by a specialist. We can facilitate that proper processing method. Whether you’re a corporate, small business, government or residential client, it’s almost impossible to expect you to know all the ins and outs of electronic recycling, when you have more important goals to worry about. Leave the recycling and material management to a focused partner like Lexington Computer Recycling.


Recycled electronics at Lexington Electronic Recycling include everything electronic:

  • Servers and racks
  • Circuit boards
  • Desktop computers
  • Flat-screen monitors
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Laptops
  • LCD screens
  • Networking and switch gear
  • Motherboards
  • Networking hardware
  • UPS power back-up units
  • Printers
  • Telecommunications (Telecom) equipment
  • Wiring and cable
  • Medical equipment
  • Cable boxes
  • Healthcare Equipment


Lexington Electronic Recycling is the place to call for complete, secure and fast electronic recycling in Lexington, KY and across the country.  We regularly and contractually service states like: New York, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Chicago, and New Mexico.


What you choose to do with your electronic waste today will have enormous impact on our environment tomorrow.  This is the foresight and outlook that we have the vision for. It is important to visualize the road ahead. Our team is committed and dedicated to helping our customers recycle their retired electronic equipment.


Whenever it comes to electronic waste disposal in Lexington, KY, be sure to reference the professionals at Lexington Electronic Recycling.