Old Laptop Disposal in Lexington KY

When it comes to old laptop disposal in Lexington, KY, contact Lexington Electronic Recycling.  Companies and individuals recycle laptop computers because it is the responsible thing to do.  Today, the large measure of technology makes it necessary to change obsolete computers on an even more frequent basis. Advancements in technology happen every day which means laptop replacement recycling is imperative.


Laptop recycling is becoming more common now that laptops are used about as frequently as desktop computers.  Laptops are replaced quite frequently and old laptops might just sit around unused.  If your laptop is unusable or just too old to be useful, Lexington Electronic Recycling will recycle it and simultaneously provide piece of mind for the data that may remain. We can shred a hard drive to small pieces, ensuring complete data destruction.

For old laptop disposal, Lexington Electronic Recycling recycles electronic waste in a safe and responsible manner.


Millions of laptops, computers and other electronics become obsolete each year in the United States.  Statistically, the United States generates over 220 million tons of waste every year.  What’s more, 55% of that, or approximately 120 million tons of waste, goes into landfills, annually.  This basic problem is exponentially compounded with laptops and other electronic devices. These items contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals not suitable for landfills.  Our recycling process at Lexington Electronic Recycling ensures complete recycling and data destruction every time.


At Lexington Electronic Recycling we recycle electronic waste in a safe and responsible manner.  By adhering to strict industry guidelines, we are able to help protect the environment, as well as conserve natural resources. That being said, keeping laptops and other electronics out of landfills is a top priority.  By recycling old laptops, instead of throwing them away, you are preventing harmful e-waste from entering landfills.


Lexington Electronic Recycling will gladly take your old laptop off your hands and recycle it.  We’re the area’s premier electronics and computers recycling solution. Lexington Electronic Recycling will ensure that your old laptop is recycled appropriately.  Unlike other recycling companies, we do not export any of our recycled laptops outside the United States, which ensures that your used laptop will never end up in landfills.


There are an astounding number of benefits that come along with the recycling of your old laptop.  Did you know that after one million laptops are recycled it equals enough saved energy to accommodate more than 3,500 homes each year?  That’s just the first of things that you can enjoy when recycling your laptop.  The fact that you will keep all of their dangerous chemicals out of the air and out of the soil is also a benefit that every person can appreciate.  The benefits of recycling a laptop are numerous and you will certainly be proud of yourself for taking such an important step.


Lexington Electronic Recycling provides you a point of contact for all of your laptop, computer and electronic waste recycling and disposal needs.  After we break down the materials to commodity form, if we can’t recycle it, your electronics waste is processed through our network of premier recycling partners that are ISO Certified among other industry-specific certifications. For customers that want to re-use their equipment and would like it sanitized we offer KillDiisk software to Destroy Data Permanently. Once a disk is erased, the data is gone forever.  Our continually updated software KillDisk is HIPAA compliant, supports U.S. DoD erasure and dozens more standards to ensure compliance.


Here’s what you should do before disposal of your old laptop.  Back up any important data you want to keep in the cloud or on a flash drive. Remove any sensitive data, such as financial statements or tax returns that you may need later. Then call us! We service manufacturers, OEMs, large business, small business, educational organizations, government, ITAD recyclers, and citizens alike. We provide e-waste recycling services, including hard drive shredding, asset liquidation, all with a nationwide logistics capability.


When it comes to old laptop disposal in Lexington, Kentucky, contact Lexington Computer Recycling.  Call us at (859) 447-1707.