Recycle your computers and electronics with the satisfaction of knowing that your material is handled in an environmentally responsible manner. Our experience in the recycling industry makes it easy for you to recycle your e-Trash the right way. Recycling any item saves valuable resources that it would take to create a device from raw material.

Recycling properly does not always occur for “free”. There are a few items that we must impose a fee on in order to recycle in an environmentally and safe way. LCD monitors, TVs, CRT (old glass type monitors) and several types of batteries will incur a cost. Although we try to limit your expense and most items can be dropped-off at no charge, sometimes charges are necessary in order to recycle properly. Unscrupulous companies that take anything for free are likely doing a dis-service to the environment or your security.

After your material is disassembled and sorted we are here to coordinate to move the material to its new life. All of our vendors hold environmental and security certifications to ensure your material does not go into the landfill, a developing country, or the wrong hands that might pose a security or ecological threat. We have included some video below to illustrate what you might expect your old computer or laptop to go through once it enters our facility. Each component will be separated and sent on the journey to its new lifecycle.