What Do We Recycle?

Business Computers

Home Computers

Office Phones

Cell Phones

Switch and Router Equipment

Dental Equipment

X-Ray Equipment

DVD and CD Players

Car Batteries

Copiers and Copy Machines

Servers and Racks

Circuit Boards


Flat-Screen monitors (LED or LCD)

Flat-Screen TVs


IT Networking Gear


Networking Hardware

UPS Power Battery Back-Up Units


Telecommunications (Telecom) equipment

Wire, Cords, and Cables

Medical equipment (no biohazardous materials, please)

Cable and Satellite TV Boxes

CRT Monitors and Tube TVs (for a charge)

Plus much more! We are capable of recycling anything electronic.

Don't see something on the list? Call us and we will help verify if your item is on our list of approved recyclable items.

What Should You Expect?

  • You will be greeted courteously and professionally.

  • You will receive a full assessment of your electronics.

  • We will handle all of your e-waste materials (including the heavy stuff).

  • We will prepare your invoice and give you a receipt after services have been rendered. We accept multiple forms of payment.

  • We can provide a Certificate of Data Destruction (upon request).

  • You will have peace of mind knowing all of your data has been safely destroyed and your e-waste has been properly recycled.

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Who Can Utilize Our Services

  • Commercial
  • Non-Profits
  • Residential
  • Offices

"When it comes to recycling your e-waste, a specialized electronic recycling facility is your ideal destination."

- Albert Boufarah, CEO of SAMR Inc.