Who is Lexington Computer Recycling?

Lexington Computer Recycling LLC was established in 2016, with the founder’s electronics recycling experience beginning in 2008. Located in Lexington, KY we have helped clients with their eWaste across the United States. At Lexington Computer Recycling, LLC we take great satisfaction in seeing electronics properly recycled to help reduce unnecessary waste in our landfills. The recycling industry is constantly evolving and we would like to be the first place your business calls for assistance with their e-recycling needs. Our company is here for when your business outgrows its older technology such as Computers, Servers, Phones, Laptops, Telecom and Network Equipment.  Only a small fraction of electronic devices produced are appropriately recycled at their end of life.  At Lexington Computer Recycling, LLC we want to fix that and make it easy for businesses to do so.


As a Computer and Electronics Recycler we are also your trusted provider for secure and compliant data destruction services. Don’t let your personal or company’s financial data, healthcare records, or trade secrets be discarded without being securely destroyed. You can rely on Lexington Computer Recycling’s shredding services to create certainty that your data is safe from any potential breach. Our Facility based or On-Site shredding capabilities ensure the ultimate security.


Our shredding capabilities are not just limited to hard drives. We can destroy any data storage device you have. From solid state drives to CD's, flash drives, smart phones, tapes, iPads, iPhones, Windows tablets, records, and any other retired media or IT Assets your company might use. You will be provided with an auditable serialized inventory report of the items destroyed and we will remove the shredded material for recycling."


Nationwide Logistics Services

When a business needs to recycle their assets, they can never be 100% sure of what happens to those assets once it leaves their site. We offer and utilize GPS tracking devices for sensitive assets and use tracking devices for our company vehicles during transit to ensure your data is safe every step of the way. We are also backed by a $5 Million Professional Liability Insurance Policy. All employees are regularly drug tested and are vetted with a recurring background check. Our drivers are appropriately licensed for the ELD equipped commercial vehicles we operate.  


Certificate of Destruction Guarantee

Lexington Computer Recycling, LLC offers a “Certificate of Destruction” upon request to meet the needs of our clients. We will provide the proper documentation to help your facility or organization meet its policy requirements. At Lexington Computer Recycling, LLC, we take a great amount of pride in our expertise and operational efficiency, which empowers us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


The Certificate of Destruction attestation serves as dated proof and documentation that your materials have been recycled to industry standards and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is destroyed. Many businesses use a Certificate of Destruction to help them remain in HIPAA, NIST or DoD compliance.

Lexington Computer Recycling, LLC offers individualized and customizable certificates based on your company’s needs.


In an effort to assure businesses of what happens to their assets and to demonstrate our transparency, we also offer witnessed destruction to clients who want to see this all happen right before their eyes. This can occur at your business or our facility. When you outsource your information destruction needs, it is important to have a provider you can trust.